The Focus Lappy (Patent Pending) is a new and exciting product
aimed at addressing some of the special needs of people with:  
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity (AD/HD)
Attention Deficit Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sensory Integration Disorders
Developmental Delays
The Focus Lappy works on a number of different principals:

The attached "focus-fidgets" (stress balls, bendable figures, etc.) keep hands busy, in an appropriate manner!   
            Kids love the Focus Lappy, because it "gives them permission" to keep their hands busy!

The heavy weight of the Focus Lappy provides deep-pressure sensory input to the user's legs.                      
(Research has shown that deep-pressure has a calming effect on people with AD/HD and autism.)

Because the Focus Lappy is on the user's lap, they stay seated longer and do not wiggle around as much!      

An assortment of focus-fidgets allows the users to choose a different one whenever they like.                                          
This keeps the Focus Lappy new and exciting every day!

Focus-fidgets are available to address the needs of all users.  Focus fidgets can be: soft, furry, stretchy, bendable,
knobby, squishy, or hard!  And they are easily exchangeable!

The Focus Lappy comes with a removable, machine washable fleece cover, in a kid-friendly pattern.  The cover also
has pockets on the top to slide busy hands into!

Giving kids
what they need
to be successful!
"Finally, something to help my son be successful in school!"
"My kids love their Focus Lappys! They have them in their
laps even before I walk in the door!"
Christie Vallance, RSP Teacher
Created by a
School Psychologist!
The Focus Lappy is a super-durable,   
weighted lap-pad with
fidgets attached to it!
Purchase orders
accepted from
school districts!
Just fax us at:
Keeps kids seated longer,
keeps their hands busy!
Made of super-durable backpack material
Fidgets are removable and interchangable
Kidney-shaped, to fit around the body
Comes with a washable fleece cover
Three different sizes and weights
Double layered, and filled with play sand
Lots of fidgets to choose from