About Our Business
Sensory Solutions is focused on helping children be as successful as possible
at home, school and in the community. Our motto is "Giving kids what they
need to be successful."

Our premier product, the Focus Lappy, was developed through the owner's
experience with students who have difficulty sitting still and staying on task.  
Test marketing was completed, as dozens of Focus Lappys were given out to
resource teachers, SDC teachers, occupational therapists, general education
teachers, speech and language therapists, and parents!  The Focus Lappys
were met with rave reviews, and everyone wanted more! (Please see our
"Testimonials" page).

The Focus Lappy is truly a wonderful product that is simple to use.  The kids
who use them, love them, because it gives them what they need (something to
keep their hands busy, and keep them in their seats.)  The teachers and
parents of children who use the Focus Lappy love it because it is highly
effective, affordable, easy to use, and provides variety for different users.
The Focus Lappy is a simple classroom accommodation for any teacher to
make.  It is "low profile", portable, fashionable, kid-friendly, interesting, fun, and
can provide a lot of variety for the user.  
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