Frequently Asked Questions
Q:    How old does my child need to be before using a Focus Lappy?
A:      Focus Lappys are not recommended for children under the age of 3.  If your child is
over the age of 3, and of good physical health, the general guidelines regarding size and
weight are listed on the Focus Lappy page should be adequate. If you have ANY concerns
about your child's physical well-being (muscular, bone, sensory, vascular, etc..) you should
consult with your child's doctor and/or occupational therapist prior to using the Focus
Lappy.  Always follow your doctor's and occupational therapist's guidelines for use.

PLEASE NOTE: The Focus Lappy should
always be used with adult supervision,as there
are small parts which can be choking hazards.  None of the focus-fidgets are for oral use.
Focus Lappys are to be used only on the lap.

Q:    What size Focus Lappy should I buy for my child?
A:    At the time of the creation of this web-site, there were no weight guidelines for weighted
lap-pads.  Generally speaking, the Small Focus Lappy (3 lbs.) is suitable for children         
30 lbs. - 40 lbs.; The medium Focus Lappy (4 lbs.) is suitable for children 40 lbs. - 70 lbs.;
and the large Focus Lappy (6.5 lbs.) is suitable for children and adults
over 70 lbs.  

Q:   What focus fidgets should I buy?
A:   One of the great things about the Focus Lappy is that you get to pick-out the focus-
fidgets that appeal to your user.  
 Does the user like furry things? Squishy things? Wiggly
things? Things that twist?  We have focus-fidgets to address all these sensory needs.

Q:  What are the directions/suggestions for using the Focus Lappy in a classroom?
The Focus Lappy™ is not a toy.  It is a learning tool which should be used under adult
supervision. Like glasses or a hearing aid, the Focus Lappy™ is a device that can help
people with special needs function at a higher level.

The Focus Lappy™ will work most successfully if it is only used for specific times of day:  
most effectively, when the user is required to sit quietly and listen.  It is recommended that
the Focus Lappy™ only be used for approximately 10-20 minutes at a time.  Then the user
should be allowed to stand up and walk around.  Older children and adults may be able to
use it longer.

The Focus Lappy™ will be most effective if the attached focus-tools appeal to the user’s
sensory needs.  The best way to determine this, is to give the user a choice of focus tools to
see which ones he/she prefers.

The more novelty you can provide with the Focus Lappy™, the more successful it will be.  
Have a wide variety of focus tools available.

When first introducing the Focus Lappy™ to a child, comment on how nice and comforting it
is, and how good it feels on the child’s lap.  If the child is able to understand, tell him that
the Focus Lappy™ is a tool to help him learn— that it’s going to help him concentrate
better.  If the student is hyperactive, tell him something like, “The Focus Lappy is going to
help keep your hands busy, so that your brain can learn.”

Set guidelines for using the focus-fidgets.   Let the student know that if the fidgets becomes
a toy (i.e. becomes too distracting, or is being used inappropriately) then it gets taken away.

Some focus-fidgets are fluid-filled, so it should be explained to users that if they poke or  
puncture these items, they will be ruined and will need to be thrown away.
*Fluid is non-toxic.

Q.    Do you accept purchase orders from school districts?
A:     Absolutely! Just have your purchasing department fax an approved purchase order to  
our fax number: (916) 313-3496.  We will call to verify the order, and get your Focus Lappys
out the door, and on their way to your school.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How are Focus Lappys made?
A: Each Focus Lappy is
constructed of high-quality, durable
materials. They are double
layered, with an inner casing of
polyester, and an outer layer of
1000 Denier Nylon (that's
heavy-grade back-pack material!)

Channels are sew through all 4
layers, and then filled by hand  with
washed and screened play sand.  
The Focus Lappy is then sewn
closed.  Seams are double-sewn,
to ensure the highest quality.

Focus Lappy handles are
constructed of heavy nylon
webbing, for ease when carrying.  
Sensory items are attached to 1"  
D-rings, which are sewn on with
heavy nylon webbing using a
double X-box pattern.
Each Focus Lappy is double
layered, having an inner layer of
1000 Denier Nylon (heavy
back-pack material!)