Faux Fuzzy
Super-soft, faux fur fuzzy. Fun to pet and feels good on skin.
A set of three coiled loops. Fun to stretch, braid, twist and untwist. Can also be used to provide resistance with other focus-fidgets.
To address different sensory needs, focus fidgets come in
a variety of shapes, styles and textures.
Focus Fidgets
Focus Fidgets

There are focus fidgets to address
the needs of ALL sensory hungers!

*  Soft
*  Furry
*  Squishy
*  Bendable
*  Stretchy
*  Silky
*  Hard
*  Rubbery

Please note:
Focus fidgets are NOT  
intended for oral use.  They
are intended for tactile use
only.  Many contain small
parts, which may create a
choking hazard.  Focus
Lappys and focus fidgets
should always be used under
the supervision of a
responsible adult.

Focus Lappys are not
recommended for children
with a history of violent
behavior. Focus Lappys are
heavy, and could cause
injury and/or damage if
thrown or swung around.
EVERY Focus Lappy
comes with
a free
Jell-Ball and Curley-Q!
You can turn it, and twist it into knots. It's soft, flexible, and durable!
Jell Ball with Poly-Pouch
Soft Jell Ball, easy to squish. Comes in a lycra Poly-Pouch so it can attach to the Focus Lappy. Fluid is non-toxic.