Here's what they reported their
kids saying about the Focus

  • They want to take it home
    with them. They love it and
    want to keep it to
  • They would ask for a turn
    using it. They said they
    thought it helped them.
  • They like it!
  • My student really likes to
    use it!
  • The one child I have who
    is verbal and has been
    using it says that he likes
    to use it during writing
    because it helps him to
    think better.
  • They like using it,
    particularly the feel of the
    material, the weight of it
    and the fidget tools.
  • They like it, it feels good, it
    is soft, and "cool!"
"My son's name is Elias and he is 8 years old. He has Autism and is mainstreamed in a 3rd grade class."
"Elias had a great year at school. The Focus Lappy really helped him stay focused during direct instruction
time. The teacher and his aid really thought it was a great tool. We will definitely continue to use it next
year:)" "Thanks again for allowing us to win such a valuable tool. You really created something great for our
  Michelle Reed, Parent

"My students demonstrated decreased movement in their seats, increased attention, decreased anxiety with
difficult tasks, decreased touching of other children or objects in their surroundings as they chose to touch
and manipulate the fidget toys as a more appropriate alternative."  
                                               Denell Powers, Occupational Therapist

"All of my students loved the Lappy.  We often had trouble deciding who got a turn each day. The
improvements were noticeable and immediate!"
Aimee Schopen, Pre-School Sp.Ed Teacher                                                

"My students are always fidgeting, rolling their pencils, getting out of their seats, etc.  It is very disruptive for
my group of special education students. The Focus Lappy allows the students to fidget as much as they
need to and still remain on task."
                                              Lynn McCook, Resource Specialist Teacher

"The Focus Lappy helped my student focus better while working in class.  The pockets provided a place for
his active hands."
                                              Billy Torrez, Occupational Therapist

"Some of my students would ask for the Focus Lappy after my reminders to stay on task. They said they
thought it helped them, and it does!"  
                                              Laura Lambert, Resource Specialist Teacher

"For one particular student with Autism Spectrum Disorder it significantly increased his ability to wait during
seated and circle time activities."
                                              Briana Hansen, Occupational Therapist

"I love the Focus Lappy! It has made a big difference in the behavior of my student. He is able to remain
seated for longer periods of time and he is completing his work on time!"
                                              Jennifer Appledoorn, General Ed. Teacher

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